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The 1980s were an iconic era for all aspects related to fashion. This was especially true when it came to facial hair, where the men’s fashion mustache made its presence known in a big way. Whether it was Tom Selleck’s iconic Magnum PI’s lip fuzz, or the tonsorial adornment of pop icons like Prince and Freddie Mercury, the 1980s mustache was an exciting source of inspiration for any fashionable male during the decade. But what made the 1980s mustache so special, and why did it break away from the stereotypical idea of what a mustache should look like?

The Typical 1980s Mustache

During this decade, a typical man’s fashion mustache was quite thick and groomed on the upper lip. The sides of the mustache often ranged from just below the cheekbones to just above the jawline, and were often waxed or curled with the right product to give the wearer a distinct air of authority. Mustaches of this time often ranged from dark brown to black, and if the wearer had a particularly long one, it would often be tied back in a small ponytail. This look was highly popular among politicians, celebrities and other influential figures, and as a result, become an iconic element of 1980s fashion for men.

A Rejuvenation of Classic Mustaches

In the years preceding the 1980s men’s fashion mustache trend, the traditional handlebar and horseshoe styles had become relatively unfashionable. In the 1970s, the walrus mustache was all the rage, which was full on the top but tapered down to nothing on the sides. By the beginning of the 1980s, the thick, lush mustache had made an impressive comeback, much to the delight of men everywhere. This gave men of the era a choice when it came to facial hair adornment, and gave them some leeway to be creative with their facial expression.

The Royal Monarch Mustache

One particularly fashionable mustache type that emerged in the late 1980s was the “royal monarch” style. Essentially, this look was a combination of the walrus mustache and the classic handlebar. It featured a thick, full mustache that tapered downwards towards the lip line on the sides and had a suave curl on the ends. This style was particularly popular among young men looking to emulate the fashion of popular figures such as Prince Charles.

The South of France Bandit Mustache

Following on from the popularity of the royal monarch mustache in the late 1980s was the South of France Bandit mustache. This style had an old-world look to it, featuring a slightly upturned ends and an increasingly thicker line in the center of the mustache. This look became popular throughout Europe and in the United States, where it was adopted by young men looking for a more sophisticated approach to facial hair.

Influence on Modern Mustache Styles

The 1980s mustache trend has had a major influence on modern mustache styles. As more men adopt the idea that facial hair can be groomed, shaped and styled to their own preference, the range of mustache styles has grown exponentially. The contemporary hipster mustache, for example, is essentially a modernized version of the classic 1980s mustache.

Conclusion of 1980s Mustache Trends

Overall, the 1980s mustache trend was an important and exciting part of modern fashion history. These styles helped redefine what it meant to be a fashionable male, and allowed men to open up to the idea of grooming and styling their facial hair for maximum visual impact. The fashion of facial hair has come a long way since the 1980s, but the original 1980s men’s mustache is still a delightful source of inspiration and admiration for mustache lovers everywhere.

Influence of Music and Movies

The 1980s mustache trend was heavily influenced by the music and movie stars of the time. Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI character, for instance, popularized the thickly groomed and waxed mustache. Other popular stars such as Prince, Eddie Murphy and Freddie Mercury made the mustaches of the 1980s into a fashion statement of their own. Even today, the mustache motifs of the 1980s adorn the same artworks, posters and photos that presented them to the world in the first place.

Gender Equality of Mustaches

Despite the fact that mustaches were mostly seen on men in the 1980s, the mustache trend was inclusive of both genders. Women, too, were inspired by the look and donned mustaches every now and then. This pushed the boundaries of what was socially acceptable, and imbued the trend with a sense of adventure and rebelliousness. As a result, the mustache trend acquired even more notoriety and established itself firmly within the public’s consciousness.

The Comeback of the Mustache

The 1980s mustache trend was so popular that it has made a modern-day comeback. Ever since the early-‘10s, moustaches have become increasingly popular among teens and young adults. This is thanks to the various celebrities and influencers who have embraced the mustache aesthetic and become the poster boys for moustache fandom. It seems that the bushy moustache of the 1980s has been reborn in the 21st century, and it is more fashionable than ever before.

The Rise of Maintenance

In the 21st century, a key factor behind the modern cowboy and handlebar mustaches of the 1980s has been the emergence of facial hair care products. These products, such as wax, pomade and brush, make the styling of mustaches much easier than in the past. In addition, these grooming products also make maintaining and preserving mustaches much simpler, as they help to keep them looking well-groomed and sharp. This is a far cry from the wild and untamed ‘staches of the 1980s, which usually were fashioned with much effort and dedication.

Modern Adaptations

The modern versions of mustaches from the 1980s no longer have the same gravity and boldness that they originally had. Instead, they are being worn more for style and humor than for political power or rebellion. This is, however, not to say that the mustache phenomenon of the 1980s didn’t have a lasting impact – after all, the modern-day mustache trend owes much of its success to the ‘staches of that bygone era.

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