80’S Style Man Purse

Throughout the 1980s the ‘man purse’ was a popular trend among men for not only its practicality but also its appeal as a fashion statement. Re-imagined in the 21st century, the man purse now more commonly known as the ‘man bag,’ has become a staple accessory for modern men. Initially seen as a fad, the man purse has staying power proving that the fashion choice of men has undergone a major shift.

The concept of a man purse or ‘man bag’ is not new; it has been seen throughout history. From the Egyptians to the Romans, the ‘murses’ were uniquely designed with decorative artwork, exotic hides, and thick velvets. In the 1950s, men began to wear satchels, backpacks, and even briefcases as a means of carrying items. In the 1990s, the man purse was a staple of streetwear and hip-hop fashion, and provided a way to express one’s individuality.

Man purses allowed men to take a step away from unfashionable and bulky styles and become more fashion-forward. It is no longer a faux pas for men to carry a bag as a means of accessorizing a look. The 21st century man purses are built to be versatile pieces of fashion to fit in any lifestyle. Ther are a wide variety of choices to go with, from leather crossbody bags and weekenders to more relaxed styles like duffel bags and backpacks. Man purses come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and are constructed from materials such as leather, canvas, and nylon.

Although man purses are more popular than ever, there are a few rules of thumb when it comes to wearing them. Style experts suggest keeping the size of the bag small and not too flashy. They also advise choosing bags that are practical, such as a crossbody messenger bag or a tote bag. Man purses should be slim and easy to carry. Too much bulk can be too cumbersome and take away from the fashion aspect.

Many men feel apprehensive about wearing a man purse, since it rubs against more traditional and masculine fashion rules. However, it is important to understand that there is no one way to dress. It is an individual’s prerogative to express himself however he wishes, and man purses can be a great option for doing so. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated piece to bring a professional look to the moment or you are looking for a trendy style to update your wardrobe, a man purse is an amazing option.

Sports Enthusiast

Man purses are often a go-to style choice for sports enthusiasts, as they provide a versatile, comfortable, and accessible look. Gym bags have become increasing popular for men and many bags are designed in the style of traditional messenger bags. In addition, sports backpacks are another great option that offer a convenient way to carry the necessary equipment while also looking stylish. When choosing a sports man purse, it is important to look for one that is made from sturdy and water-resistant material.

Sports enthusiasts also appreciate the practicality of athletic waist bags. These bags are perfect for traveling or jogging, as they keep your items safe and secure, without taking up much room. Waist packs are usually designed for easy access and lightweight carrying.

When investing in a bag for outdoor activities or long trips, look for one that offers plenty of storage compartments and pockets. It is also important to make sure that the bag has adjustable straps and a durable handle for a comfortable fit. With all of the different styles, sizes, and colors available, there is sure to be a man purse to fit any sports enthusiast.


Choosing a man purse is no longer limited to just leather and canvas. Many fabrics have become popular materials for man purses such as nylon, which is well-known for its durability and water-resistant qualities. Nylon bags are affordable and also take up less space due to their lightweight material.

Rugged waxed-canvas man purses are also in demand and offer a stylish way to carry items. Waxed canvas is very easy to maintain, as it can simply be wiped clean. It is also quite durable and is commonly used for messenger bags, gym bags, and backpacks. Hemp is another popular material that is trending for man purses. Hemp is highly sustainable, durable, and lightweight.

Additionally, vegan and faux leathers have recently become popular options for man purses. Both fabrics are resistant to wear and tear and come in a variety of colors and styles. The material has a luxurious feel and look, while still being environmentally friendly. Vegan and faux leathers are becoming more widely available, making it easier to find a man purse that fits your fashion style and lifestyle.


The man bag is the perfect way for men to show off their individual style. Many man purses are inspired by vintage designs and popular fashion trends. Structured shapes, bold colors, and graphic prints are among some of the trendiest man purse styles being seen today. Quilted patterns are also a popular choice and can add a sporty or preppy touch to an outfit.

Man purses are also available with high-tech capabilities. Many bags are designed with extra pockets, or even USB charging capabilities. These features can be particularly useful for men who are constantly on the go and need extra storage and power.


There is no one ‘right’ color when it comes to man purses since they should fit in with your personal style and wardrobe. Black and blue are classics for men, while brown and burgundy can work for more formal settings. If you are looking for a stylish more vibrant touch, bold colors like yellow, red, and green can add a nice pop to your look.

Subtle colors like olive, navy, and gray are also great options when selecting a man purse. These colors are especially favored by those who are looking for a more muted option that can fit in easily with any outfit. For a more daring look, bold prints like camo, floral print, or cheetah print can be very eye-catching.


There are many designs to choose from when it comes to selecting a man purse. For a more classic look, leather man purses are popular and offer sophistication. Bag packs and messenger bags are also popular for their reliable structure and easy carrying. Smaller bags are perfect for everyday trips and can also be used to store wallets, phones, and other personal items.

Tote bags are also great for travel. They are spacious and usually unstructured so they can provide flexibility when packing items. Weekend bags are also a great choice for weekend getaways, providing a durable and stylish way to carry all the essentials. Duffle bags are perfect for everyday errands while still looking trendy.

Overall, the man purse is no longer seen as a faux pas, but a way to express one’s individual style. With so many styles and colors available, there is no limit to what bag you can choose; there is something for everyone. Man purses are a great addition to any wardrobe for both the practical and fashionable reasons. Whatever look you are going for, the man purse is here to stay as a staple in men’s fashion.

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