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When it comes to luxury fashion, no one does it better than Bijan. Owned by the renowned designer Bijan Pakzad, it is the elite destination for men’s fashion, offering only the most remarkable quality and bold sophistication. From custom made suits to finely crafted shirts, every item in their selection is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. With fabric only sourced from the most distinguished Italian mills and combined with a modern and effortless fit, a Bijan’s suit is the perfect choice for any formal occasion.

Creating timeless classics for the discerning customer is the main priority of Bijan. All the pieces crafted by this fine designer house remain true to his brilliant creativity and attention to every detail. Bijan was the first luxury designer to courageously combine colors, patterns and materials. His clothing creates a look that speaks volumes about the individual wearing them. Additionally, using only the finest materials like cashmere, silk, linen, velvet, and leather, the designer’s clothes are sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

For a customer seeking the height of elegance and sophistication, a Bijan suit is the timeless choice. His suits are carefully redesigned from the classic Italian cuts to make them modern and dashing, yet comfortable and wearable. The subtle Italian padding and stitching adds an unmistakable flair to the suit, imbuing it with quintessential Bijan style. These perfectly tailored suits have been featured on the covers of several magazines, from GQ to Esquire.

Bijan is sure to impress you not only with its unique clothes, but also with its top-notch customer service. They offer a range of services such as personalized fittings, alteration and dry cleaning services, and even gift wrapping. These thoughtful and professional touches ensure that every customer feels like royalty when they shop in a Bijan showroom. With a store in Beverly Hills and New York City, it is not difficult to find one of their fine establishments.

Overall, Bijan is an undisputed leader in the luxury fashion world, as evidenced by its accolades and awards. From being named the Best Men’s Clothing Designer of the Year by the Fashion Institute of Technology to having the privilege of dressing many heads of state and celebrities, Bijan’s impeccable standards and creative tailoring has earned the trust of some of the most discerning individuals around the world.


Beyond their selection of suits, Bijan also offers a full range of accessories for the modern gentleman. From ties to cufflinks, all of their accessories are designed with the same impeccable standards that define the Bijan brand. Bijan is notorious for its selection of ties, crafted from the finest imported silks woven in Italy and dyed using a proprietary technique that resists fading. Whether you are looking for the perfect accompaniment for your Bijan suit, or seeking a necktie to make a statement at a special occasion, you cannot go wrong with a Bijan necktie.

Bijan also offers a varied selection of cufflinks. Whether you are looking for more classic designs, such as those crafted from gold and diamond, or more contemporary flair such as those made with coral and mother of pearl, Bijan has it all. These cufflinks are sure to complete your look and make it stand out from the rest.

Bijan also offers accessories that range from pocket squares and hats to briefcases and wallets. All of these accessories are crafted from the finest Italian materials and embody a classic style. This selection ensures that regardless of your wardrobe choices, Bijan offers a complete look from head to toe.


Completing the Bijan experience is the footwear. All of Bijan’s shoes are expertly crafted in Italy with unique and sophisticated details, from traditional wingtips to the more modern double monk straps. The shoes are crafted with premium leather and embellished with classic details that make them look timeless. Whether you are dressing up for the office or attending a formal event, Bijan’s footwear will help you put your best foot forward.

Thick soles and hand-stitching are staples of Bijan shoes, offering maximum comfort and durability. The attention to detail makes them perfect for an extended walking tour or a night out on the town. High-quality materials, comfort , and a sophisticated design make them worth every penny.

You can be sure that this designer’s shoes will last for many seasons and will retain their shape and brilliance during that time. Bijan’s shoes come with a guarantee, protecting them against any manufacturing defect. This guarantee is a testament to Bijan’s commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


For those cool summer evenings and chilly winter nights, Bijan’s meticulously designed coats and jackets will help you face the elements in style. With a selection of classic leather jackets and suede coats to choose from, Bijan offers something for everyone. All of the outerwear is made from the finest Italian leathers that become more beautiful with every passing year. It can be dressed up to make a statement at a formal event or dressed down for a more laidback look.

Bijan’s coats and jackets are crafted with unique details, including leather trim and buttons with a vintage feel. Whether you are looking for the perfect evening coat or a simple bomber jacket, you are sure to find something that suits your taste perfectly at Bijan.

Apart from the unique designs, Bijan’s coats are also tailored to perfection for optimum comfort. Every detail is carefully attended to, from the lining to the pockets, to make sure that it is a perfect fit regardless of the occasion. Bijan’s outerwear can also be accessorized with one of their stylish leather belts, for a look that is sure to be the envy of everyone you meet.


Not to be left out of any luxury wardrobe, Bijan also offers men’s fragrances. For centuries, the scent of a man has been part of their persona. Every scent released by Bijan is crafted from the finest ingredients, and features a unique scent that is sure to make an impression. From the fresh, energizing scent of Pacific for the adventurous, to the warm and citrusy scent of Meteor for the more sophisticated, there is something for everyone.

All of Bijan’s fragrances come in bottles that embody the brand’s modern yet classy style. The collection includes colognes, eau de toilettes, and body sprays all of which are designed to create a lasting impression. Whether you are attending a special event or just want to make your morning coffee smell great, Bijan’s fragrances are a perfect choice.

Bags and Travel Goods

Another impressive offering from Bijan is its line of bags and travel goods. The bags range from the classic and sleek Italian leather briefcase, perfect for an important business meeting, to the more adventurous sports duffle bag. All of Bijan’s bags are crafted with great detail and quality materials to ensure they stand out from the rest.

In keeping with every designer’s desire to offer a perfect look for any occasion, Bijan also offers a selection of travel gear. From sturdy waterproof backpacks to silk travel jewelry rolls, you can be sure to find anything you need for your next journey. Whether you want to look your best while traveling or protect your most precious items, Bijan has you covered.

After Care

To ensure that all its customers have the best experience possible with its products, Bijan also offers an after care service. This service includes a team of specialists on hand to repair and restore any of their items, from suits and shoes to bags and fragrances. With this service, you can be sure that your Bijan products will stay perfectly maintained for years to come.

Bijan’s after care service includes free minor repairs, alterations, cleaning, and polishing. They also offer free minor damage repairs, such as holes, scuffs, stretching of fabric, and the replacement of buttons and clasps. Bijan also offers a complimentary in-home delivery service, as well as free in-store leather, fabric, and sole repair for shoes.

Ultimately, Bijan is the premier destination for men’s fashion. With an eye for detail and a commitment to unparalleled customer service, Bijan is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to make a statement. From its tailored suits and timeless shoes to its impressive accessories and fragrances, Bijan provides an elevated lifestyle with luxury items that will last through the generations.

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