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When we talk about men’s fashion, a coverall jumpsuit is often the last thing that comes to mind. This is largely because for the longest time, coverall jumpsuits have been associated with mechanics or laborers working in the industrial sector. However, in recent times, coverall jumpsuits have become a fashion statement for greatly influential men who are seen as tastemakers. This earlier perception of jumpsuits as a prisoner’s uniform has changed completely, with a modern man having a sense of confidence that he can use them to stand out.

While men’s jumpsuits have been around since the 60s and 70s, the change of mind-set of choosing a jumpsuit like that of a work outfit has been the more recent trend. For the brave and trail-breaking tastemakers, the coverall jumpsuit has become a go-to item when it comes to experimenting with fashion. With it’s versatile look, it has also allowed for near-neutral colors such as blacks, greys, navy blues, and khaki to be rocked in high fashion and low-key events. Designer brands like Dries Van Noten have taken this jumpsuit trend as inspiration for its collections, illustrating the versatility the jumpsuit now has in men’s fashion – from obvious formal events to casual outings.

The way to style a this new masculine jumpuit can vary depending on the wearer, but there are a few simple touches that can make a difference and have it stand out. The key to styling any type of jumpsuit is to keep accessories to a minimum and let the jumpsuit do the talking. A great way to keep a look personable is to add a statement watch or any type of jewelry like a sleeve of tattoos, and be sure not to neglect the shoes. With the right footwear, one can potentially create the desired look for the occasion.

Gender neutrality is also another great aspect of the coverall jumpsuit that men have become enthralled with. The shoes, jewelry, and hairstyle can range from masculine to feminine, and still look great. The stylistic look of gender fluidity is something that is becoming increasingly popular and as an alternative to more traditional styles of men’s dress.

Coverall jumpsuits have allowed men to explore creativity when it comes to fashion, which is typically the norm for women in the fashion world. This has grown the demand for men’s jumpsuits, resulting in surprising sales figures. There’s a greater confidence when it comes to men wearing coverall jumpsuits, because the population of male tastemakers who rock the look are seen as a real statement; the message being that jumpsuits are no longer inherently tied to the image of working-man clobber.

In the last year alone, designers such as Tom Ford, Prada, and Dior SA, have used this style to prove its worth. Men of all ages and backgrounds have been seen sporting this modern version of the jumpsuit in both day and evening events. And this is just the beginning of many high-end fashion houses exploring the possibilities of modern men’s fashion.

Fabrics & Colors

Like any other piece of garment, the fabric for a coverall jumpsuit is of the utmost importance. There are multiple options to choose from such as cotton, denim, and silk, all of which have unique characteristics. Denim jumpsuits can be an effective way to pull off a casual look, while cotton jumpsuits can be worn for a more formal event. Silk jumpsuits can also be used for special occasions such as attending art openings or award ceremonies. Whatever the occasion, it’s important to consider the fabric for the jumpsuit in question.

The color selection for a coverall jumpsuit should complement the wearer’s style. Black coverall jumpsuits are popular for their suave appearance, making them a good choice for formal events. Gray coveralls are also a great option for men who want to add an element of sophistication to their look. Navy blue is the perfect choice for men with a strong sense of style and confidence. Whatever color is chosen, a crisp and tailored fit is the key to having a successful jumpsuit look.

Women’s Trends

Women have embraced the jumpsuit trend over the past few years too. Women’s jumpsuits are of various styles, ranging from short to full-length, and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Women’s jumpsuits are a favorite in the fashion world and can be the perfect option for a night out on the town. These looks go hand in hand with glamorous accessories and high-heeled shoes.

A casual look for a jumpsuit can work great too, with a nice pair of shoes or a baseball cap. Women have been able to be creative when it comes to styling jumpsuits, which further illustrates the versatility of jumpsuits. It takes confidence to be able to rock a look like this, and women have no shortage of confidence when it comes to this fashion item.

The Future

Coverall jumpsuits for men have become a staple for those who want to look slick for any occasion. With the growing trend, more high-end fashion brands are designing tailored jumpsuits for men that are now being included in regular collections. The 2013 fall collection by fashion house Alexander McQueen included a selection of chic coveralls in grey and blue colors.

In addition, Crockett & Jones has been known to specialize in tailored menswear such as tailored jeans, waistcoats, and fitted top coats, has released a series of jumpsuits that come in sleek colors and materials. It’s obvious that menswear jumpsuits have become increasingly popular in the fashion world recently, and men are finding more and more creative ways to rock the look.

Style Influencers

Style influencers are proving that menswear jumpsuits can be just as stylish as the outfits of their female counterparts. Many fashion influencers are now making a big statement in the world of fashion with their jumpsuits and are using their looks to inspire others.

The most popular style influencers, such as Jessica Wang from The Fancy Gentleman, are known for their daring menswear jumpsuit looks. These style mavericks are setting the trend with their unique and stylish looks and demonstrating how much variety there is for men who want to flaunt their own personal aesthetic. There’s no doubt that jumpsuits are becoming an ever-growing staple in men’s fashion.

Celebrity Influence

Celebrities are also keen on flaunting their stylish jumpsuits. Actor Ryan Gosling is a fan of the trend for his red carpet events, as well as musician and actor, Harry Styles. He has caused headlines by attending events in a sleek jumpsuit look, which has sent ripples of influence through the world of fashion.

It is tough to make a bold fashion statement on the red carpet, but with more men being inspired by these celebrities and their jumpsuits, it’s always interesting to see what new take on the look they come up with. Without a doubt, they always look on trend.

Streetwear Inspiration

Last decade has seen an influx of innovative designs in men’s fashion thanks to the streetwear movement. Streetwear has opened up a new realm of fashion styles, and jumpsuits have made their way into this trend as well. The influence of streetwear has helped to set the trend for the jumpsuit look that combines fashionability with much-needed comfort.

Many streetwear brands today have their own version of jumpsuits, such as VisVim and Billionaire Boys Club, and their influence on the market can be seen in the way they are marching to their own beat in the fashion world. Thrift shops are also hotbeds of this trend, for customers that are looking for a custom and unique look. More people are taking to the idea of community streetwear and people seem to have a greater appreciation of the change in the fashion industry.

It’s safe to say that coverall jumpsuits have certainly made a splash in menswear fashion and it doesn’t look like the trend is going away anytime soon. And with diverse styling options available ranging from denim to classic, men can now wear jumpsuits without sacrificing chic for comfort.

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