Fall 2022 Men Fashion

Men’s fashion trends for Fall 2022 continue to focus on new & edgy designs developed for outdoor and sportswear. Jackets, coats, cardigans, vests, and sweaters created with innovative synthetic fibers as well as more traditional materials such as wool, wool-blend, mohair, cotton, and linen remain popular style options. The key colors are earthy shades of beige, grays, and browns, with bold statements pieces in metallics – especially in Fall 2022, army greens, red, orange, mustard yellow, and burgundy are also coveted items. Casual trousers such as slim-fitted jeans, khakis, cargo pants, and chinos form part of the core wardrobe staples for men, while pleated trousers and cream or even bright color pants make up the more trendy side of men’s fashion.

In terms of suits and blazers, hard fabrics such as linen and cotton, when tailored correctly, will remain in style. However, the major shift in Fall 2022 fashion is for softer, lightweight fabrics such as twill and velvet. The more attention-grabbing trends are single-breasted blazers and waistcoats with different lapel designs. A variety of patterns, aside from the traditional pinstripes and classic tartans, are expected to take off this season as well. However, one constant that has remained popular since the beginning is classic shirts in plain colors and stripes.

Creative accessories are the cherries on top of any outfit. Whether it’s a classic, metal watch or a modern adaptation in leather, watches remain a staple item. Uniquely designed ties, bow ties, pocket squares, suspenders, capes, and scarves will also remain a symbol of fashion-forward-men in Fall 2022. Sleek leather dress and casual shoes, such as loafers, will remain popular, as well as comfortable alternative boots, sneakers, and sandals. Two-tone jackets, shoes, and bags will also be stylish. Ample experimentation with different colors, textures, and patterns will be seen, all combining to create the best version of men’s fashion in fall 2022.

The people interviewed in the fashion industry agree that women’s fashion has changed often in the past few years but men’s fashion has remained more traditional in comparison, with few true trends catching on. We can expect a more drastic shift in menswear this year, with edgy designs, bold colors, and plenty of experimentation. New materials, fabric textures, and unusual details are likely to give men plenty of unique opportunities to express their personalities with the way they dress.

One thing is certain, with the performance features there is a lot of potential for the sports and outdoor style to influence fashion trends. As a result, products designed for athletes, hikers, and adventurers will be more closely associated with runway fashion. There will be a greater emphasis on practicality, durability, and comfort. But the primary focus of Fall 2022 will still be on creating fashionable and stylish pieces while still providing function. The use of removable inner linings, breathable materials, elasticated waistbands, and overall versatility will be everywhere.


Outerwear for Fall 2022 is expected to be all about iconic heritage brand silhouettes with new functions. While the parka may still remain in heavy rotation, the open silhouette of the coat and the shearling lining of the jacket will be on-point. Versatility is key, as the function of all-weather protection and a cutting-edge style should go hand-in-hand. Military-influenced pieces, with multiple pockets, drawcords, and pockets, is expected to be everywhere. Conversly, bomber jackets, especially in synthetic materials, will be a key staple of Fall 2022 outerwear.


Knitwear has been gaining speed since the past few fashion seasons, but Fall 2022 looks to be the period where these lightweight, yet highly versatile items will really take off. Knitwear can easily transition between a semi-casual and formal look, and that versatility will be the main draw for men this season. We can expect heavy usage of mottled textures, especially in muted tones of beige, navy blue, and grey, to create that stylish yet understated aura that has taken off in recent years.


If there’s one item in men’s fashion that promises to remain trendy for decades, it has to be the blazer. But of course, trends come and go, and the blazer is no stranger to stylistic updates. For Fall 2022, that means sticking to traditional silhouettes but experimenting with non-traditional fabrics and colors. Expect linen blends in navy, light gray, cream, and pastel hues to be extremely popular. The combination of classic styling with modern materials is a winning combination that refuses to let go.


Shirts are a great choice for men to look effortlessly stylish in a short time span. For Fall 2022, there is a strong focus on masculine plaids, checks, and bold colors. Stripes are also making a strong comeback, especially in muted tones such as navy blue and ivory. Asymmetrical hemlines and extra-long lined shirts are popular and may be the way to go for guys that want to switch up their traditional shirt style.


Legwear for men is often overlooked when talking about fashion but that shouldn’t be the case. Pants should be form-fitting and finished with a neat top end. Tapered trousers in classic colors such as navy blue and charcoal are the obvious choices for the boardroom and for a more casual look, a cuffed bottomed and high-waisted style can be a great touch. Denim is also a great choice for the casual look. washed-out styles, and distressed fabrics remain popular, but vibrant colors and bold patterns will be trendy in Fall 2022.


The finishing touch to any outfit is the right accessory and for men, shoes are key. A classic lace-up Oxford shoe is timeless and never goes out of style. Brogues and loafers are also popular options for formal wear. High-top sneakers are expected to remain a staple item for the casual looks. Colors such as white, navy, black, and gray should remain popular while vibrant and metallic sneakers may have the strongest influence from the sports style.

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