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Gay Men and Fashion

The fashion industry and LGBTQ community have a long relationship together. As early as the 1920s, LGBTQ people strode the runway and were featured in fashion publications. Throughout the years, gay men have served as muses and creative director, as well as models and photographers.

Today, the fashion world has become even more embracing of diversity and acceptance. There are more opportunities than ever for gay men to express themselves through fashion. Even Netflix is getting in on the game with projects like the show “Queer Eye,” which features an all LGBTQ cast of men as fashion advisors.

According to fashion expert Johnathan Frendo, gay men have a unique place in the fashion world and even go beyond fashion in terms of representation. He says, “We are starting to see LGBTQ individuals re-defined as powerful trendsetters in a field inherently built around expression and identity. Gay men are leading the charge when it comes to challenging traditional gender boundaries, re-defining masculine beauty standards, and designing truly emotional experiences.

The groundbreaking show “Pose” on FX—now on Netflix—has taken this idea even further by spotlighting queer figures in a way that has never been done before. The show explores the underground “ballroom” scene in the 1980s, which was created by mostly trans women and gay men. Ballroom celebrates the art of transformation through clothing and makeup, with the characters literally creating their own looks. It’s a perfect example of the way LGBTQ people have always been innovators in fashion.

The world of fashion has always been about self-expression, and for gay men, it can be even more of a powerful tool. As Frendo puts it, “When you’re a queer person, or any minority, your fashion choices are a way for you to communicate who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in.” He goes on to note that LGBTQ-friendly pieces are being more widely embraced in mainstream fashion. “We’re seeing more of it in mainstream outlets, like the Spring menswear collections of 2020 from fashion houses like Gucci, Versace, and Diesel, all paying homage to queer culture.”

Genderless Fashion Movement

The genderless fashion movement is gaining momentum as well. With this trend, clothing is no longer strictly categorized by gender. Instead, anyone can wear men’s, women’s, or unisex pieces and have freedom of choice in experimentation. Hedi Slimane, creative director of Celine, is one of the many designers creating genderless fashion.

Genderless fashion has been embraced by many, including the LGBTQ community because it allows for more freedom of expression. Gay men who may want to explore different definitions of masculinity now have the opportunity to do so. Genderless fashion has opened up a whole new world for them, and it is no longer looked down upon in mainstream fashion.

Celebrities like Dapper Dan have reached mainstream success by pairing high fashion pieces with streetwear. Dapper Dan says, “There is no ‘rule book’ for fashion, and the beauty of this is that different people can interpret trends in very different ways and still appear stylish.” This new outlook on fashion has given many gay men the chance to explore their interests and create their own favored style.

In 2019, a new show on Netflix called “Realityers” is focused on gay men in fashion. The show follows a group of gay fashion designers as they compete in a series of challenges to be crowned the “Realityers”. While the goal is to win, the show also emphasizes that it’s about finding your own voice and sharing your creative ideas with the world. This is an important message for LGBTQ people who want to express their ideas.

Gay Men Fashion Netflix

Netflix has embraced the LGBTQ+ community with its various shows, documentaries, and films. The platform has also been an advocate for gay men in fashion. Netflix TV shows, such as Queer Eye, and Realityers, promote self-expression and acceptance among gay men. It also provides a platform for creators to share their ideas, as well as a platform for viewers to view fashion objects in a creative way, not just as consumers.

Netflix is also introducing more series and films that are LGBTQ-focused. From the series “Out of the Box” which focuses on LGBT youth; “Diana: A Modern Fairytale,” a miniseries about a transgender woman; and “Vox Lux,” a horror-thriller starring queer singer-actress Sia, Netflix is using its powerful platform to promote LGBTQ visibility.

In addition to shows about LGBTQ rights, Netflix has also been promoting shows specifically about gay men and fashion. Its documentary series “Stylish with Jenna Lyons” follows fashion industry veteran Jenna Lyon as she interviews inspiring gay men who have had an impact in the fashion industry. The show aims to celebrate the contributions of gay men to fashion and how their styles can help create a sense of individuality and acceptance.

Hollywood Celebrates Gay Men in Fashion

Hollywood is also taking notice of the contributions of gay men to fashion. One only needs to look to shows such as “Project Runway” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to see the influence. Both are competitions that celebrate the art of fashion and self-expression, and are led by proud gay men.

Additionally, the 2020 Academy Awards honored iconic gay fashion designer and costume designer Piero Tosi with an honorary Oscar for his work creating costumes for some of the most influential films. Tosi’s influence on the fashion industry has been undeniable, and it is a testament to the progress that has been made in celebrating the contributions of gay men in on-screen fashion.

Fashion is a powerful tool of self-expression and it has always been a way for the LGBTQ community to showcase their individually and creativity. By providing a platform for gay men in fashion, Netflix has taken a huge step in promoting relevant and important story-telling about the creative possibilities of fashion.


Gay Men in fashion is an oft-overlooked sector of the industry — one that Netflix is helping to bring to the limelight through shows like Queer Eye, Pose, and now Stylish with Jenna Lyons. The platform also celebrats and honors iconic LGBTQ figures such as Piero Tosi with its Oscar win in 2020. By celebrating gay men in fashion, Netflix is promoting visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ movement.

The Genderless, Unisex Movement

The genderless, unisex fashion movement is also gaining traction in mainstream fashion. More and more designers are creating pieces that are not solely meant for either gender, but rather for anyone to wear. It allows for a broad range of chosen styles, while still maintaing a sense of individuality. Gay men have access to more freedom of expression when it comes to fashion, making genderless, unisex pieces extremely attractive.

Celebrities like Dapper Dan have taken this trend and turned it into their own distinct sense of style. Dapper Dan combines high-end fashion pieces with streetwear elements to create a look that exudes confidence and fluidity. His message is one of empowerment and creativity.

The genderless fashion movement shows that anyone can express their own personal style, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. And with the mainstream acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in fashion, more designers are creating genderless pieces and more figures are coming back to spotlight this movement.

Making Spaces to Showcase LGBTQ Creativity

The LGBTQ community has always been at the forefront of fashion. From the 1920s to today, LGBTQ individuals have been inspiring fashion designers, photographers, and creatives to push the boundaries of fashion. Slowly, more and more spaces are being created for the LGBTQ community to express themselves through fashion, whether it’s on the runway or on Netflix shows.

Netflix has been a powerful tool for promoting LGBTQ visibility through fashion, from their documentary series Stylish with Jenna Lyons to its various fashion shows and films. The platform also highlights influential LGBTQ figures, such as Piero Tosi, as a way to celebrate the accomplishments of gay men in the fashion industry.

Overall, gay men in fashion are gaining more visibility and acceptance than ever before. With the help of platforms like Netflix, the LGBTQ community is being represented in fashion in a way that’s never been seen before. It is truly a wonderful thing to see.

Disrupting Traditional Gender Norms

The traditional gender norms that have been in place for centuries are slowly being challenged and re-evaluated, thanks in no small part to the work of the LGBTQ community in fashion. As Frendo notes, “It’s exciting

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